Thursday, September 12, 2013


Things have been so crazy, but the good kind of crazy.

Between school, volunteering, my old job, my new job, and gossip girl my head is spinning. 

I got a new to me car! It's a 2008 Honda Accord. It's kind of bitter sweet. I love changing cars, but this time I really didn't want to get rid of my pilot. But the payment was just way too much since I am only working part time now. 

(okay, this isn't mine but mine looks just like it)

I started my volunteer job on Wednesday. I am so thrilled to be given this opportunity. If you want to know more about where I am volunteering you can read about it here. Wednesday I basically hung out and met all the members. Then I helped cook lunch. There is a girl that is interning this month who is going to help me learn some sign language, so thats exciting. The staff and members work side by side making lunch, cleaning, and pretty much anything else thats done on a daily basis. It's a very comforting environment and everyone is so wonderful. Once I am there for a little while I will write a post all about the exciting things!

Today I had my orientation for my new job at Texas Roadhouse. Everyone has been really nice so far and they are all really fun people to be around. I know money is going to be so much better than my old job so I am thrilled with that.

One of my best friends that moved to Nashville this summer is coming home to visit this weekend so I cannot wait to see her! And she is leaving on Wednesday which is my birthday. I hate that she has to leave on my birthday, but I am just glad that she is coming down at all. 

So that's all for now. I just wanted to catch everyone up and help you understand why I've been a bit MIA this past week. See yah soon!


  1. Yay for friends visiting, new cars and new opportunities! Lots of good things happening your way :)

  2. I found you on the blog hop, and am now following. ^_^


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