Monday, September 9, 2013


So many great things are happening!

My current job is great but unfortunately it's just not paying the bills the way I need it to. So I ventured out and got a new job. It's still a waitressing job but it's at a much bigger restaurant and there are more shifts for me to pick up. Plus, its football season! The new restaurant is a much better atmosphere for people to come hangout and watch the game. 

I also secured a really awesome volunteer position at a place called Club Horizon. It's basically a "club house" which helps mentally ill, deaf, or disabled people learn how to be self-sufficent and function in society. I took a tour of the place today and met so many people! When I learned I had to put in volunteer hours for school I was really worried, but I am glad this is out of my comfort zone. I've been trying to step out of that comfort zone for a while!

With all these changes I decided I was going to have to get rid of my truck. It's really sad because I love it so much but the payments are just way to much for someone working part time. Luckily I got that process started today and I should have a new to me car by the end of the month! 

These past few weeks have just been so productive. I am so proud of myself. Usually when things aren't easy or I am having a bad day month I get so caught up in everything thats going wrong, but this time I've kept my head up. It's such a relief.

I am also thrilled to be participating in Wifessionals cara box this time around. I love meeting new people and this is seriously a great way to do it. Plus you get and give presents! I seriously love giving gifts just as much as I do getting them. 

So thats all for now!

Are you participating in Cara Box? 


  1. Yay for good things happening! I want a new to me car, too! Jealous. :)

  2. Yay! Productivity and positivity is the best feeling! I'm glad you have so much good stuff headed your way!! :)

  3. Awesome! That volunteer opportunity sounds amazing!


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