Wednesday, August 14, 2013


While catching up on all the new blog posts on my bloglovin feed, I came across quite a few post that were so perfect for the way I feel right now. It's like the blogs I follow knew my life. I just love the blogging community so much. Everyone is so friendly and extremely open.

 I am in constant need of some kind of therapy and right now I need a lot of it. 

Typically music is my greatest form of therapy. It can make me feel on top of the world, it gives me a reason to yell, scream and get my anger out, and it can definitely bring me to tears when I need a good cry session. When songs are so relatable to my life, things can get pretty intense. If you've listened to The Civil Wars then you know how amazing their music is, and this pretty little baby has been on replay for a while. 

(I know, a box of tissues is in order)

Everyone uses food as therapy, and I am not ashamed! That five dollar pepperoni pizza from Little Caesars hit the spot just fine dipped in ranch dressing. Imagine soaking up the pizza grease with a napkin and now you understand how good it soaked up my feelings. 

Blogging is such a great form of therapy as well. Not just the fact that I can pour my heart out into blogger, but being able to read other blog posts. It's like always having tons of friends around to share their stories and secrets. Even if the posts aren't perfectly timed, I am constantly remembering things I have read and relating them to my current situation. 

So thank you music, thank you food, and thank you bloggers because lord knows I can not afford a therapist right now! 

Whats your favorite form of therapy?

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