Friday, August 16, 2013


There was time when boys were my favorite thing about life. I loved the idea of having a boyfriend and being in a relationship. Although, I wouldn't say I had a lot of relationships in my teenage years I did find myself on some pretty ridiculous dates. I guess when you are young and have no money you have to be resourceful. I am so glad I have come to my senses, because boys/men are probably my least favorite thing currently. 

Regardless, I figured I would give you all a list of these awkward and awful situations I found myself in involving the male species. Because the best part of embarrassment is laughing about it later.

| One guy took my friend Cady* and I fore wheeling. Only for Cady and I to end up knee high in mud. The mud was so high that we were trying to help each other out which just resulted in us falling completely in together. We were completely covered in mud. All the while, Crocket* was busy laughing and trying to get his beloved fore wheeler out of the mud. And to think, I hung out with him again after that. 

| I went on a "group date" once with a guy I worked with. He texted for basically the entire date, which was awkward in itself because I didn't know the other people there very well. Turns out he was texting a girl that was there on a date with his friend. These weren't just friendly text messages either. Strangely enough, I am still pretty good friends with this guy but obviously the date went no where. 

| While celebrating a friends birthday on the patio of her apartment, one of the guys that lived two apartments up brought down some shots for us. Note: Us means my friend because he was totally into her and also, we had never met this guy before. Anyways, I wouldn't take the shot until some else did because I was not ending up on the floor (or roof) because this guy just wanted to have a good time. Of course after I discovered no one had been drugged, I took part in the delicious shots. Somehow a bunch of us ended up in the pool and this guy would not stay away from the jets! He stayed by them the entire time and just repeated "mmmm, jets" over and over to himself probably 100 times. Needless to say, we RAN back to her apartment quickly, and the back way. 
(Even though this situation didn't involve me and a guy directly, I still had to put it here because it belongs in the men are extremely weird category) 

| I've been on a double date with my ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend. Our relationship had been way over, and neither one of us had any feelings for each other but this was extremely awkward. I shared nothing in common with her, so it ended up just being me and my ex talking like no one else was there. How I even ended up on that date is beyond me. 

| I had my eye on this ridiculously good looking guy for a while, and was dying for him to ask me out. He did, and our first date was at the Waffle House at 5am after I had pulled an all-nighter and had to go to work for 10 hours after breakfast. Seriously though, what the hell what wrong with me? 

This is my life people, laugh it up. While I could probably go on for a little while longer, I think I will save myself the misery of living these experiences over again. 

Please by all means leave me a good story, then maybe I won't feel so sorry for myself. 

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  1. Hahah I loved this!! P.S. Waffle house is only good after a night of hard drinking lol

  2. Oh man... I would never go on a date with my ex. You are brave!


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