Wednesday, March 12, 2014


As I've gotten older my taste buds have changed quite a bit. A few years ago I would have hurled at the thought of eating onions and now I can't get enough of them! - Don't worry.. there's no one kissing me so I'm in the clear. But even though my taste buds have changed my eating habits haven't changed very much. 

I remember growing up my little sister would hardly eat anything at dinner, yet when it came to chips, candy, or snacks she was like a bottomless pit. No doubt I enjoyed having a Little Debbie snack after school but I always finished my dinner. If we went out to eat I usually ordered a salad or soup, and it would be nothing for me to have a can of green beans after school rather than potato chips. I was for sure the weird kid who didn't spend endless amounts of time trying to scheme ways of getting rid of their vegetables. (I'm pretty sure this is why our dog favored my sister)

Either way, you would imagine that because I am older and I do my own grocery shopping that my cabinets would be packed full of chips and cookies. But I still hardly eat sweets. I love baking, but I'll only do it if someone else is around. I've backed cupcakes on several occasions and never even ate one. 

I specifically remember school lunch being an awkward thing for me. There were usually two options for lunch, and they always served pizza no matter what. Usually everyone went for the pizza. I rarely did. I actually kind of miss the chicken and rice casserole.. y'all that stuff was good. But I always felt like somewhat of an outcast because I always went for the actual meal versus pizza. I'm pretty sure no one actually ever said anything.. I guess I was just insecure with my lunch choices. - just another reason why I never want to be that young again. Because being insecure about your choice of lunch is quite ridiculous.

How much have your taste buds changed? And now that you do your own grocery shopping is your pantry stocked full of potato chips and sweets?


  1. I used to be so picky, but I'm not anymore!! I mean, I am still a little. I suck at eating veggies and fruits, BUT I do like a lot of things I didn't used to. Avocado, onions, jalepenos, etc.

  2. I was the pickiest kid ever and am still semi picky..! It's so hard for me to try new foods.. :/



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