Sunday, September 1, 2013


What actually defines family? 
It depends on who you ask. For some it consist of their huge collection of blood relatives, others it's the people who loved them when they thought no one else did. Some people define family as the most important people in their lives consisting of biological relatives, friends, and the wonderful people that surround them. 

I am lucky to have created my perfect family. Although I wasn't born into a large amount of people who immediately and always loved me unconditionally, I have the best family I could ever dream of. 

My family consist of my Father and his beautiful wife. She might not have suffered 9 months of carrying me around or countless nights of no sleep due to my crying but she is an incredible best friend and Mother.

I have another set of parents who have always loved and treated me as their own. And not because they had to but just because they love me that much. I have an Uncle who adores me and though doesn't always know how to show it loves me to the moon and back. An Aunt who although recently joined our family, considers me to have always been her niece. 

A group of best friends who should have been born only minutes after me. They've listened with no judgement, told me exactly how it was, and most of all continued to love me with absolutely no conditions. An entire family in another state that I am in no way biological related, yet they keep up with how I'm doing and would give me the shirt off their backs.

I have grandparents who have know me for the small time of 6 years, yet spoil me like I am their only grandchild. Cousins who have my back and countless people who would bend over backwards for me even if I would stop to think about doing the same.

My point is that family is exactly what you want it to be. Just because I wasn't handed a bunch of loving people the minute I made my grand entrance into this hellish world, doesn't mean that I can't be surrounded by loving people. 

I don't think I could ever be happier with the people that I consider my family. Unless of course they were all millionaires who constantly supplied me with tons of money. 

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