Monday, September 30, 2013


I have such a love/hate relationship with social networking sites. 

Part of my hate relationship is the fact that people always seem to confuse social networking sites and forget what each of them are for. So I am going to break it down for every site and tell you how I feel about each site. 

Facebook - 
Facebook is for keeping up with friends or acquaintances. It's for keeping up with the lives of people that you only secretly care about. It's to keep track of who is engaged, married, or pregnant and for rubbing it in everyones faces when you become engaged, married, or pregnant.
(Honestly, I think Facebook is becoming irrelevant. I wish there was a way for me to hide my entire profile but still be able to see my timeline. I have a hard time dealing with the people who update their status 20 times a day about how much they love their husband, son, daughter, mother, etc.)

Twitter is for live-tweeting TV shows and expressing your feelings via song lyrics. It's to share what you are doing whenever you are doing something tweet worthy. and sometimes even when you aren't doing anything tweet worthy.
(I love everything about twitter.)

Instagram is for photos.
(Whoever decided that a tweegram should be a thing is my least favorite person ever. If you have something to say you can put in as the caption to the picture. Or you could just use twitter.)

Pinterest is for sharing clothes, recipes, crafts, funny shit, etc. 
(The only bad thing I've found with pinterest is that you can actually get lost for hours.)

Tumblr is for whatever your little heart desires. It's a blog mostly represented with pictures and gifs. You should belong to some sort of fandom to be able to completely appreciate what Tumblr has to offer.
(Addictive. Don't open in public if you don't want everyone around you to know your obsession with one direction and because you never know when someone will reblog a porn gif.)

Vine is for posting 6 second videos.
(Currently my favorite thing ever. You should check out Marcus Johns, Cody Johns, Ry Doon, and Kingbach. - I seriously have the hugest crush on Marcus Johns.)

For taking ugly pictures of yourself or nudes. I mean let's be honest, there is no in between on snapchat. I'm not saying I send nudes, I am just saying that some people use it for that. And well, I say do your thing honey.
(Snapchat is amazing until someone screenshots my 15 chins and crossed eyes.)

I think Facebook is the worst for people using it inappropriately. People using hashtags.. which I know now are blue but they don't actually do anything. The original intent of a hashtag was to group common items together. When you click a hashtag on facebook you get nothing. I've noticed people sharing recipes.. which you should be doing on pinterest. Don't even get me started about these people sharing pictures so they can win an ipad that apple is giving away because they have open boxes. I mean how dumb can people be?

After writing this post, I've come to the conclusion that I am just annoyed with the facebook community. Should I even mention Myspace?


  1. I feel like these are all pretty accurate descriptions of the social media we use hahah! I especially agree with Instagram. Don't put those weird images of just text. There are other places for words.

  2. I went on Myspace the other day to find my old pictures. So weird!

    Also, your Tumblr blurb is soooo true!! I love it but there are so many rando porn gifs.

    Snapchat is only for ugly pictures!! Lol

    I am guilty of fb hashtags though :/


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