Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I still cannot bring myself to understand how someone can not realize their turn signal is on. Yesterday someone rode in front of me for at least 3 miles with their turn signal blinking the entire time. It makes an obnoxious clicking noise and blinks on your dash. Get your shit together.

I'm also wondering if anyone else loves grocery shopping as much as I do? I couldn't tell you what about it I love, but it's one of my favorite things to do. I'm very particular about it as well. I have to shop at Harris Teeter and I especially prefer a certain one. That's extremely weird.

But while grocery shopping today I regained some hope for our youth. I accidentally left my drink at the checkout counter and this very kind young gentleman walked all the way out to my car to give it to me. How sweet of him considering he could have just thrown it away! 

I started classes yesterday and it was really weird. I guess because I haven't been in a classroom for so long. Not to mention that a lot of people are either just out of high school, or 20 years older than me. I'm sure I will get used to it. I really didn't want to start off the semester with my typical procrastination, but here I am with assignments due tomorrow that are not even started. Although, in my defense it turns out the one assignment that I actually completed was posted by accident because the teacher is new that haven't taken down the old teachers stuff yet. Meaning that it was a waste. 

I finally started watching Gossip Girl. For some reason I watched half of episode one about a year ago and just never got back to it. Now its taking over my life. I need to live like S. Especially the Dan part. 

In case any one is interested in yorkie puppies, this women has some. She apparently wants to make sure she uses all of her free advertising opportunities. Even if it's blocking the view from her rear view. 

I started tackling laundry today. My spare bedroom bed turned into my closet, but I am seriously tired of walking across the house when I need a pair of underwear. 

This was ultimately kind of pointless. 
I am going to tackle some of that school work now..


  1. I love grocery shopping too! I love finding all the new foods to try out

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  2. I cannot stand grocery shopping! Although I have to say that if I get to go without my kids, it's kind of like a vacation. I meander around drinking coffee and throwing stuff into my cart. So I guess it kind of depends! :)


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