Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I turn 22 today! I am excited because my birthday is a day thats ALL about me! Selfish? Maybe, but I love that people always want to celebrate my life with me! 

Although, this birthday is a little less exciting than any I've had before. When I turned 13 I was finally a teenager, 15 I started driving, 16 I started driving alone and got a car, 18 I could get into clubs, 20 I was no longer a teenager, and 21 I could legally buy and consume adult beverages. 

What the hell is there to look forward to from now on? I guess when I turn 62 I can retire, but thats a long time from now. Until then I get to celebrate the fact that I am adult with bills who no longer depends on her parents for support.

There may not be a big life changing event associated with turning 22 but there are many things I will be celebrating this year.

I am celebrating my wonderful family, my bestest friends, my return to school to do something I love, and the fact that I am here to celebrate my 22nd birthday.

My Dad always said that if I didn't quit stressing I would die of a heart attack before I was 21. While the actual possibilities of having a heart attack at my age are slim, I have done so much to improve myself. And I think thats worth celebrating!

So here's to turning 22!

(of course it was necessary)


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