Monday, August 5, 2013


For some reason, my entire life I have desired change. I can't ever pick something and stick with it. For instance, when I was younger I was a clogger, a cheerleader, I played softball, I played the flute, I was in chorus, I played the piano, I was going to learn sign language, I was going to college in New York.. The list goes on and on, and the amount of things that I mastered or completed 100% is so much smaller than the list of things I tried.

I never know what I want. Of course this has its pros and cons. My ability to pick something and stick with it is terrible, but it makes for a very interesting time. I would say my time with the car dealership ( three and half years ) was a huge success, but I changed jobs 3 times during that career.

So my need for change has put me here. Working a part time waitressing job while attending college. I know what you are thinking. Big deal, Allison? Many people attend college and work part time jobs. And you're right. But I am not straight out of high school. I have been working a full time job for three and a half years and paying bills. Meaning, that this transition has been crazy for the lifestyle I was accustomed to living. This is probably the biggest change I've had so far.

With that being said, you may know me from TIME OUT. While that blog was fun, working 50+ hours a week I didn't have enough time to put into it. I also don't feel like I was blogging the way I want to blog. I was blogging like other blogs that I enjoy. Although those other blogs are extremely successful, they weren't me.

So why create an entirely new blog?
I have this weird OCD thing where when I do have change I like a clean slate. It's kind of like when you don't like the different foods on your plate to touch. I won't take the other blog down, it just won't be active.

What should you expect from this new blog?
I don't want to limit myself with this blog. I may give you a recipe one day, a book review the next, and then maybe tell you about my weekend. I'll probably talk a lot about school, and possibly somethings from my past. I'll always be spicing things up! ;)

How can I follow this NEW blog?
You can also follow me on vine @allisonmoore

So here we go! Change with me!


  1. Hi Allison! Thanks for stopping by my blog,!

    I am sooooo with you! I am constantly changing/evolving. Some say it's ADD, some say Bipolar- me? I say it's creative changes to keep me young forever :) I like to shake it up every once in awhile, too :) Great blog!

    1. That's a great way to look at it! Thanks!

  2. I just read your entire blog. Hahaha. I've looked at it before but apparently this time you really got my attention :) Looking forward to reading more!


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